El Warcha Design Studio for kids

May 12, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Benjamin Perrot
07446 568 485

This is the first session of El Warcha, a collaborative design studio open to children age 8+. This design and DIY workshop engage with simple everyday objects and proposes to revisit them in a fun way. This hands on approach gives young people a taste for experimentation and making through mini-design projects. A chair, a coffee table or a flower stand as many items or furniture that we overlook every day and which makes for amazing design challenges. Each project is divided into two-hour long teamwork design sessions that explore the different steps of the design process from initial sketching and model making to actual prototyping.

This workshop is being led by Benjamin Perrot a designer and artist who graduated from St. Martin’s School in London. His latest project El Warcha in Tunisia, which has inspired this workshop, is a community makerspace in the medina of Tunis that promotes alternative forms of education through participative making. El Warcha is supported by City Mine(d) London a not-for-profit social enterprise active in the field of architecture, urban development and social innovation.