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Terms and  conditions of hire , along with pricing is below.

Terms and Conditions of Room Hire at OFS


Rates (per hour):

Peak-Time (rate for first 2 hours) Off-Peak
Main Hall £25.50 £13.50
Upper Hall £20.50 £10.50
Basement £20.50 £10.50
Meeting Room £15.50 £8.00
  • Bookings involving food attract a £12.50 cleaning fee
  • There is a minimum booking of one hour with 15 minutes increments above this
  • There are no concessions to the above rates for resident Licensees

There are two applicable times and rates for consideration:


  • Weekdays between 5:00pm – 9:00pm.
  • All weekend or public holiday times.
  • Peak-time is charged at the full rate for the first two hours and then at half this rate for any hours booked after that.


  • Weekdays 9:00am – 5:00pm.
  • Off-peak is charged at half the peak-time rate.
  • If a session starts from or before 2:00pm during off-peak hours, the hire rate remains at the off-peak rate for the duration of the booking, even though the session may move into peak-time hours.
  • If the session starts at 2:15pm during off-peak hours, the hire rate goes to peak-time rates after 5:00 pm for the first two hours and then to half this rate thereafter for the remainder of the session.


  • Hire is only confirmed by payment in advance for the session and the signing by both parties of a hire agreement.
  • The hirer must sign in and out of the building and maintain a record of attendees at any session they are responsible for, for evacuation record purposes.
  • All sessions are booked “Door to Door” meaning from the arrival of the first representative of the hirer’s group at the OFS, to the last representative leaving the building.
  • For some longer, one-off events (for example jumble sales) appropriate lead-in times may be negotiated as part of the agreement and appropriate fees paid.
  • One-off bookings at the applicable rate can be made at any time provided there is free space and the payment is made in advance. Resident Licensees, may be invoiced for these short-notice bookings.
  • Regular bookings (4 or 12 weeks or more) can only be confirmed by advance booking and associated payments (at reduced cost).
  • A discount of 7.5% for a 4-week booking applies.
  • A discount of 10% for a 12-week booking applies.
  • Four weeks notice either way applies with refunds beyond the notice term where a booking has been made for 12 weeks and OFS are holding fee payments in advance.
  • In order to secure a booking for four weeks in advance, payment must be received by internet banking to OFS two weeks in advance of the first booked session.
  • No refund or transfer of hire fee will be made for the non-use of a booked session.
  • Invoices will be provided by OFS in advance, in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • Invoices will be adjusted periodically throughout the year when necessary to coordinate payments such that they are received before the 5th of the month for accounting purposes and ensuring a minimum of four weeks in advance are being invoiced for at any time. Invoices for the upcoming period will be generated and sent by email on the nearest working day to the 15th of the previous month.


  • Over-running a session booking may be charged for in accordance with rates outlined above.
    There will be a 15 minute minimum charge for 5 minutes lateness and 30 minutes charge for 20 minutes lateness.
  • All times are as per the OFS reception clock.
  • Consistent lateness (three sessions in a month) may result in and automatic booking change by 15 minutes for that session booking with associated hire fees, provided that such time is available to book.
  • In any other instance of consistent lateness (three sessions in a month) where interruption to the agreed activities of another hirer is resulting, the agreement may be terminated by OFS without further notice. In such instance, where fees in advance are held by OFS, the equivalent of four weeks fees will be retained by OFS and the remainder will be refunded to the hirer.