Funding received from National Neighbourhood Trust

November 2020

We have remained open since March 2020, to enable key service providers to carry on providing their services to the local community. The LEYF nursery and Growing Communities have been going strong throughout lockdown and beyond. The cancellation in sessional hires has meant that our income went down drastically. It would have been difficult to keep afloat, if it were not for the National Neighbourhood Trust. We were awarded a grant to cover our retrospective costs and pay for our staff to keep the building open. We want to offer our sincere gratitude to the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust for helping to keep us afloat.

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Our organisation received £13,550 from the Trust to pay for staff and additional sanitising equipment and housekeeping hours.

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